Friday, October 19, 2007

Next Meeting: Tues, Oct 23 - Trident Tech Bldg 920 @ 7pm

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Oct 23 at Trident Tech in North Charleston, Bldg 920 at 7pm.

I formed this group a year ago and I'm very pleased to see what it has turned into! Thanks to everyone for making this group a success!

Some housekeeping notes:

Last week we had a little run in with a crotchety campus police officer who for some reason had his panties all in a twist about us bringing in snacks and drinks. I think we have every right to be there especially since we are just knitting for Pete's sake. However, so as to not ruffle any feathers, we should probably refrain from bringing in any drinks that might resemble alcohol like the ones I brought last week. Anything in a plastic bottle or a cardboard cup like water, coffee, etc. should be OK.

As far as the snacks goes, I see no reason for us not to keep bringing them if we are so inclined as long as we continue like we always to to leave no garbage behind. I think that dude was just having a bad day.


Building 920 is the Culinary Arts Building. We meet in the front lobby in front of the Ballrooms.

If you take the Madeline Ave Entrance off of Rivers Ave and park in the first parking lot on the right, you will see the 920 building. This is the closest parking lot to the part of the building where we meet.

Hope to see everyone there!

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