Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kniting at the Beach 2008!

I know it's a little early to start thinking about this, but last year I had a great time learning how to crochet at the 2007 Knit-In on Folly Beach, sponsored by the local knitting guild, Coastal Cultured Purls.

Anyway, I check their site every once in awhile and they have a new post regarding next years Knitting at the Beach.

Here is the post:

It’s already time to start planning for next year! What classes are you interested in seeing offered? Are there any big name instructors that you would like us to invite? Do you want to teach a class or join us for the weekend? We’re looking at a weekend in near the end of February and will let you know the exact date soon. Start making plans to attend!

I think it would be totally cool if we all went! They got a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn on Folly Beach. I don't think I would spend the night since I am local, but some of them did just as a little mini vacation even though they lived near by. Some of them came all the way from Columbia.

Anyway, if there is a technique you've been wanting to learn that would take more than someone could teach you in our meetings start thinking of them. The classes were free. Last year they had a felting class, a crochet class and a multi directional knitting class.

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Jean said...

My weird (frequently morphing) work schedule has kept me from attending on Tues. for quite some time now, but I came to the site to reconnect, only to find the group's being laid to rest, it seems.... whaaaaa!!!! and I still have some nice person's knitting needles to return. What's up? and when is the next meeting-- next Tues., the 2nd? Please advise.

Also, "Kniting at the Beach 2008!" sounds fabulous. I want in.

Thx in advance for answers,

Jean B.